Third-party insurance claim Singapore filing tips

image of car accident caused by a 3rd party

If you are looking to file a third-party insurance claim in Singapore then follow our tips as we have done all the hard research for you.

What exactly is third party insurance?

Third-party insurance is the most basic type of insurance that all Singaporean car owners must-have. It covers the driver in case his/her fault in the accident is confirmed, and also includes the costs of damage and injury.

Who looks after 3rd party insurance?

In Singapore, all insurance activities are looked after by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Under the Rights of Third Parties Act of MAS, a 3rd-party can claim a policy if:

  • The policy states she/he can do so.
  • The policy names him/her as a beneficiary.

What are the requirements to file a claim?

If you want to file a third party insurance claim from, you must follow the Motor Claims Framework (MCF):

  • Since 2008, it is required by law to report all, even minor motor accidents.
  • You also must have a valid 3rd-party insurance policy in place to drive a motor vehicle legally.
  • Under the MCF, you are required to bring the car involved in the accident to one of the insurer’s authorized repair workshop for car inspection – whether there is damage to the vehicle or not.
  • The MCF also requires that all accidents should be reported, you risk being fined if you do not do so.

Here’s how to file a claim:

  1. First, right after the accident, obtain all relevant information such as –

  • Full Name
  • NRIC / FIN
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • The Insurer and the policy number
  • You’ll need this information for the report and to file a claim to the third-party’s insurer.
  1. Document everything –

Take clear photographs of your car and its damage, other vehicles involved in the accident, and the accident surroundings. Try talking to people in the surrounding areas who can give witness accounts.

  1. Make a report to the insurer:

It is one of the essential steps in the process. Whenever an accident, occurs you need to report the mishap within 24hrs of its occurrence. Both accidents with minor and major damages are reported. Now, once that is done, you need to proceed further and contact your insurer in order to let him know if you want a 3rd party claim or would like to settle the compensation outside the claim. Additionally, you cannot offer any excuse for not reporting a car accident, and it is a very mandatory process.

  1. You would need to arrange a pre-check up

After having reported the accident, you need to contact the other party’s insurer to schedule a pre-repair car inspection. The other party’s insurer takes almost two working days for inspection. This is after you have contacted them for the pre-repair check-up. Therefore, you cannot start repairing your vehicle until an investigation is done.

  1. Get your car repaired and claim your insurance cover

Post the inspection, you will receive an estimated cost list, which will help you proceed with the repair, and you can settle the bills in the workshop and directly from the place itself. If you have received the payment and the fault is confirmed for the other driver, you can claim the insurance and the cost for repairs.